Why do you do what you do?

In my previous post, I argued that it’s worthwhile paying attention to what research shows about behaviour, motivation and all that intangible jazz.

In Psychobikeology posts which fall into the ‘behaviour’ chapter, I am going to draw on ideas from the whole span of academic areas from experimental psychology to social anthropology. I am also going to (try to) say how research findings or suggestions or theories relate to the practical question of what “I” or “we” can do to chip away at the problem.

Posts in the behaviour category will fall roughly into the following types:

• Speculations of my own, sometimes outrageously unsupported, but which I simply can’t resist telling you about

• Sensible speculations of my own, which do draw on existing mainstream ideas and which might actually be tested or investigated in some manner

• Actual observations I’ve made which illustrate behavioural points

• Discussions of current research (though trying not to overlap too much with other people) and of recent events which have a bit of a behavioural aspect to them.

• Discussions of various older journals papers and books which I’ve read. Look at the picture below – I’ve had these damn boxfiles of stuff for years, I’ve read everything in them and to what purpose huh? I’ve got to make at least something out of it.


if you feel like it, then do leave a comment - even if it's an old post

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